Our Approach

Dr. Allison and Associates is a premier provider of therapy and psychological services in the western suburbs of Chicago.  We are a group of compassionate and energetic mental health professionals, specializing in individual therapy for adults and adolescents.  Our team has experts in anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use, stress, grief, racial identity, life transitions, LGBTQ+ issues, and identity development.  

We are committed to providing evidence-based and culturally competent care in a warm and authentic setting.  Therapy doesn’t have to be stuffy or scary.  We want you to feel comfortable, calm, and safe in our space. 

Our therapists are passionate consumers of research, which means all the things we work on in therapy are backed by science. (In short, they’re proven to work!)  We want to make the most of our time together, helping you achieve the meaningful and lasting change you’re craving.

We’re proud to offer telehealth services, allowing us to serve individuals all across the state of Illinois, also safely providing services during COVID-19.  We’re ready to work with you, one on one, helping you live the healthy and meaningful life you deserve.