Meet Lindsey

Hi, I’m Lindsey, a licensed clinical social worker. I’m so excited that you’re beginning to explore ways to improve your mental health, and I’m honored that you’re considering working with me in this process.

My goal as a therapist is to decrease the stigma around mental health so that you never feel ashamed of how you feel. We all go through things in life, and sometimes we need a helping hand; that’s okay! We’ll work together to help you better understand your mental health symptoms, learning effective ways to cope and manage what life has thrown your way.

In addition to working with adults, I love working with teens who are trying to find their place in this world, who are struggling with feeling like their best selves, and who are seeking more sincere and authentic relationships. As a first-generation college graduate, I understand how overwhelming it can be being a teenager in today’s world. I also understand how easy it is to feel alone or like no one understands you, particularly in a world consumed by social media.

I work from an evidence-based framework, and I value cultural competence. Your therapy will be individualized, based on your goals and needs and works best for you. My goal is to provide a safe space where you feel comfortable to discuss all of life’s challenges, feeling heard and understood.

I understand that taking that the first step towards change can be scary, but know that you will not be taking that step alone. I believe you are worthy of living a life that you look forward to waking up to every morning. If you’re ready to make a change, contact Dr. Allison and Associates today to schedule an appointment with me. I look forward to working together!

Ready to connect with Lindsey?  To get started, reach out to  or (630) 441-4415.