Therapy for Depression

Get help for your depression here.

Are you feeling down and not yourself lately?  Are you struggling to get going, feeling like the smallest of tasks take lots of energy?  Do you find yourself feeling sad, heavy, or numb more than you used to?

Depression is real.  And it’s heavy. 

Depression often feels like a gray cloud, hanging over our heads.  It takes the color and joy out of life, leaving us feeling drained, depleted, and like we have nothing left to give.

Common symptoms of depression include feelings of sadness, emptiness and hopelessness, increased agitation and anger, feelings of worthlessness and guilt, a lack of energy, as well as changes in sleep, appetite, and interest in previously enjoyed activities.  You may also notice an increase in suicidal thoughts, wondering what the point of it all is.

These symptoms are starting to impact your daily life.  Your relationships, work performance, parenting, and social connections are declining, and while you notice it, you feel helpless to change it, like nothing could possibly be helpful. 

Maybe you’ve given it time and hoped it would get better.  Maybe you’ve talked to a friend and or family member.  Or maybe you’ve just held in all in, not sure where to turn. 

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.  Depression is treatable.  Our team of therapists is here to help you.

Using integrative and evidence-based techniques, our therapists are ready to help you explore your depression and understand what’s going on.  We’re ready to get to the root of the issue, also giving you practical, helpful, and science backed strategies to feel the sense of spark that depression snuffed out.

Often when we struggle with depression, the feelings are so intense, it’s hard to imagine feeling different is possible.  It’s hard to imagine how we’ll feel joy, energy, and motivation again.  It’s hard to picture feeling like yourself again.

But it’s possible.

It’s possible to experience happiness.  It’s possible to be calm and connected.  It’s possible feel energized and encouraged again.

So reach out.  Let us help you.  You deserve to feel better.