Meet Ariyike

Hello, my name is Ariyike, and I’m a licensed clinical professional counselor. Are you feeling burdened with baggage from your past? Are you struggling with concerns about your present or anxiety about your future? My goal is to provide a safe space for you, free of judgement.

I want to help you be your authentic self, while processing your vulnerable feelings, thoughts, and concerns. In this way, therapy is a unique and meaningful process, where you learn how to be an authentic version of yourself.

I love working with individuals who are seeking to understand themselves and how their unique life experiences have shaped them. I use evidence-based therapy techniques to support, collaborate, empower, and advocate for you, helping you make and sustain positive changes in your life. I work with individuals presenting with a wide range of issues, including trauma and abuse, depression, anxiety, addiction, boundaries, and self-esteem issues.

As we walk this journey together, you will receive unconditional support and acceptance, while being challenged to embrace new perspectives and make productive changes in your life.

If you are thinking about therapy and making a change in your life, I invite you to reach out and find me today at Dr Allison and Associates.

Ready to connect with Ariyike?  To get started, reach out to  or (630) 441-4415.

Once you are scheduled, please download, print, and complete the following forms.  Bring them in to your first appointment.  If you prefer to complete these forms at the time of your first appointment, please arrive 15 minutes early.