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About Dr. Allison and Associates

Dr. Allison and Associates is a premier provider of therapy and psychological services in the western suburbs of Chicago.  We are a group of compassionate and energetic mental health professionals, specializing in individual therapy for adults and adolescents.  

Our team has experts in anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use, stress, grief, racial identity, life transitions, LGBTQ+ issues, and identity development.  We are deeply committed to providing evidence-based and culturally competent care in a warm and approachable manner.

We’re proud to offer both in-person and telehealth services, allowing us to serve individuals all across the state of Illinois.  We’re ready to work with you, one on one, helping you live the healthy and meaningful life you deserve!

Our Therapists

Dr. Allison
Founder/Licensed Clinical Psychologist
I'm Dr. Allison. I'm a licensed clinical psychologist, and I've made it my life mission to simplify psychology, helping you live the healthy and meaningful life you totally deserve. Learn more about me here.
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Dr. Kelly
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Hi, I'm Dr. Kelly. I am a licensed clinical psychologist and I'm committed to helping you navigate life's challenges. You matter. Your goals matter. And you don't have to tackle your challenges alone. So let's find a meaningful way forward, together. Learn more about me here.
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Hi, I'm Sanjuana, a licensed clinical social worker. I'm passionate about providing a culturally sensitive and comfortable space for you to share your thoughts, your feelings, and your experiences, without judgement. Learn more about me here.

Dr. Jenna
Postdoctoral Fellow

Hi! I’m Dr. Jenna, a postdoctoral fellow, whose primary goal is to help you to embrace the most authentic version of you, while living a connected and fulfilling life. When coming to therapy, expect a warm and inviting space where I will meet you exactly where you are. Learn more about me here.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Hi I’m Ana, and I am excited that you have interest in Dr. Allison & Associates. I know it can feel intimidating to open up to a stranger about your life challenges and finding the right therapist can often feel like a challenge itself and I understand that it is important to make the right choice in who you choose to start your healing journey with. Learn more about me here.

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Meet Dr. Allison

Life is a gift.  I truly believe that.  But it’s also complicated, difficult, and, at times, really messy.  My mission as a psychologist is simple: find a balance between the science and the practical, making psychology completely relevant to your everyday life. 

I founded Dr. Allison and Associates, committed to providing exceptional and quality therapy, in a warm and authentic setting.  Therapy doesn’t have to be scary or stuffy!

I’m a passionate consumer of research, which means all the things I talk about are backed by scientific research. (In short, they’re proven to work!)  

My favorite buzzwords include mindfulness, intentionality, courage, and authenticity, and I’m deeply committed to helping people live the healthy and meaningful lives they deserve.